Could Cooperation be Possible between U.S. and Russia

As you have already noticed from various news or students’ blog and comments, Russia reinforces its military presence in Syria, which is one reason placing U.S. in dissidence with Russia.  Although Russia’s military build-up may protect himself, many speculations are possible such as that Russia, like China, hates the idea of  intervention of third parties, that Syria is a profitable customer buying a lot of Russian military weaponary or that Russia supplies the Assad regime in Syria.   In my opinion, the reason why Russia is interested in Syria is the above first one; that is, Russian President Vladimir Putin defies the U.S. led, western-style intervention in Syria.  Nevertheless, the ulterior motive is unclear.  Whatever the Russian true intention may be, the most important question is doubtlessly, could it be feasible for U.S. and Russia to cooperate with each other?

To conclude, it is quite hard for both superpowers to cooperete, although U.S. and Russia may have the same interest over ISIS.  It may be true that U.S. are wiliing to work with Russia against Islamic State and both powers will and can hold the meeting over Syria, it is quite unlikely for Russia to waive the right and interest in this region because, as you know, there is no central authority in the international politics.  If Russia and U.S. engage in debate many times in the furture and reciprocate with each other every time, it will become increasingly likely to reach agreement and finally cooperate, but it is easier said than done.  As Andrew Kydd says in the article, it might be possible to settle the problem over ISIS without cooperation with Russia.  However, as for the Syrian matter, the situation is more complicated than we think.


8 thoughts on “Could Cooperation be Possible between U.S. and Russia

  1. You worded it perfectly here in this post, this situation is much more complicated than we truly think or may understand from the news. I personally believe that there may be a time soon where the U.S. and Russia could come to some sort of understanding and eventually work togather, but this would have to be after they end their current assistance with Syria. The Assad led government in Syria and their cooperation with the terrorist organization, Hezbollah, would make it fairly difficult for the U.S. to make any sort of cooperatve efforts with Russia due to this association.


  2. Very well written and interesting blog. I must agree, it is hard for the US and Russia to cooperate especially because of their past history. What makes things even harder is the fact we do not know the true intentions of Russia so all we can do is make assumptions on why and they might be supplying weapons too. The war in Syria and US relations with Russia make cooperation hard to achieve.


  3. This is very interesting, from our discussions in class I think it would be in the best interest of the U.S. and Russia to cooperate with each other, the President and Vladimir Putin should make it a point to get on the same page with the conflict in Syria or else risk creating more distrust between the U.S. and Russia


  4. This was a very well written post. I agree that there is much more behind the situation between Russia and the US in terms of Syria then what appears. When looking at the two superpowers, they aren’t going to agree on many things. When it comes to Syria they agree that ISIS is the main threat, but both countries are going about there strategies differently. That is what is causing the friction between the countries on this. We don’t know the true intentions of Russia, so we don’t really know if them giving weapons to Syria is a good faith effort to help get rid of ISIS, or if there is another reason behind it.


  5. Russia is pushing for the U.S to come to terms of agreement and provide our Western Allies to join forces in effort to cut off the head of the ISIS snake. Russia has the intention to bomb ISIS targets and fight them along side the Al Assad regime that they are currently backing. I cannot say what their true intentions may be, but i do think that we should play the devils advocate and approach this cautiously. Russia is definitely exerting its power by getting involved with Syria and setting up an FOB. Funny how a few of their aircrafts were seen flying in or around our airspace as a means of showing the U.S that we are not the only ones on the block.


  6. I believe it might be possible for U.S. to cooperate with Russia if ISIS gets more bigger than now and stronger.

    There is no countries that will greet the other nations’ invade on their countries, and if ISIS keep increases their size and effects on international society not only U.S. and Russia but also other nations around the ISIS will cooperate to solve this problem.

    I believe if Russia and U.S. can meet the same goal not only the ISIS problem they might cooperate with each other to reduce the cost on solving the problem and to meet the same goal.

    If one of them should monopolize the goal, but need help of other nations, they might cooperate at the first time but betray it after.

    Thank you.


  7. This was an interesting and well written post. I believe that cooperation is not possible for various reasons. First, we do not know how serious they believe the threat is compared to our views. They also have a different solution then us and we do not know if they are willing to do whatever it takes to get their way. Finally, past bad blood between the countries may factor into a level of distrust.


  8. Very questionable post with a very clear idea. I don’t know if they will cooperate to each other. There will be a positive impact in the international relation between this two major power (Russia, and USA), also those aliens.


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