Answering the Call and a Demand for Justice



There is no doubt that the topic of the terrorist strike in Paris is fresh in everyone’s minds and the horrors of it have affected us all. It is a grave and dire situation that the French citizens are left with, now they must rebuild from this attack that fractured their concept of peace and safety. In the wake of the carnage wrought by these terrorists there is but a single glimmer of light that resonates within the French people; vengeance is to be enacted. According to the French President Francois Hollande and the main article cited for this blog post “France will destroy IS.” These powerful words come from a leader who is taking a stand for his people and is addressing a declaration of war that has been brought into his homeland by cowards who kill innocents and take them hostage in the middle of the night where they believe they might be safest. President Hollande speaks of meeting with President Barack Obama, and President Vladimir Putin to discuss the future actions to be taken against IS. There are also other increased measures of safety that President Hollande is acting upon to ensure the protection of his people. These actions include maintaining a state of emergency, 5,000 extra police posts, decreasing the amount of dual citizens, speeding up deportations for dangerous foreigners, and increasing law enforcement procedures involving arms trafficking.

This particular article is very important for anyone and everyone to read. It not only outlines one of the most disturbing terror attacks to date but it also helps to inform the reader as to what could possibly be in the future for France, the U.S., Russia, and the IS. This situation is becoming relatively dire. These three nations are coming together in hopes of ending the unnecessary bloodshed of innocents and (U.S./ Allied) military personnel within the Middle East as well as the victims of these heinous acts of terrorism.

In relation to our class the concepts of alliances would fit perfectly in place with this situation. The U.S. as well as other European nations have jumped at the opportunity to help our French brothers and sister combat this blight. As explained in the article, on Monday, 15 November, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Paris to show support for “America’s oldest friend”. It is unfortunate that the concept of showing support for other nations must come after such a devastating blow to a nation but, as the article describes other European nations, as well as the U.S., and Russia will not simply allow this attack to go by without recourse. In an alliance nations do not stand separated by seas and boarders, but shoulder to shoulder as brothers and sisters ready to defend one another.


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3 thoughts on “Answering the Call and a Demand for Justice

  1. I think that it is important to be an even stronger ally of France in their time of distress and need of help from others. The French were supportive of the United States in the aftermath of 9/11 and believe Americans should be just as supportive. I agree with your point when you say that is unfortunate that this show of support comes after such a terrible event. Support should be shown in good and bad times.


  2. I also think it is essential that these allies should cooperate each other to fight the terrorists. In addition, I reckon that ISIS would be in a weak situation owing to the bombing by United States and France. Therefore, the terrorists might do massive terrorism to make people living in Western countries fear of ISIS. If this would be somehow true, it can be said that bombing by U.S and France has some serious effects on ISIS’s side. However, it is really sad that many innocent people are killed due to these bombing.


  3. I also agree that it is important for these allies to be working together. It will not only allow them to come up with a better solution but it will also all ow them to have more power against ISIS. If they all stand together it can help show that they aren’t wiling to back down and they are willing to go to whatever measures it takes to take them down. I agree that it is good that America is standing by the French in their time of need but it’s a terrible situation that is happening.


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