South Sudan don’t even have protection for their citizens Human rights

South Sudan was created to represent democracy, liberation and safety. The African continent is one of the most divided regions in the world. The division of a lot of countries in the region had happened because of the hunger of forming a better state. South Sudan is one of this cases. after the creation of South Sudan, this country had faced different problems, as freedom of speech, democratization in the legislator system and social security. One issue at this moment is the journalist getting killed because they are writing about the ideas of the opposition and how the government is not really doing the best for the people. On a cool August evening, reporter Moi Peter Julius was gunned down shortly after leaving work at the offices of weekly The Corporate newspaper, making him the seventh journalist to be killed by unknown assailants in the past year in South Sudan, a country that since its birth as an independent nation in 2011 has quickly become one of the most dangerous places to report from.

Based on the article the Guardian in this Website, we can  see an example of how fragile the South Sudan Peace had become. The people have been manipulated and they fear about their lives. The nation was created for the freedom and give people a sence of safety. The government and the people don’t have any type communication, in other words South Sudan finds there is a large gap between citizens and the government.  South Sudan is the result of a Fail of trying to adapt to Democracy and trying to let a country deal with their own problem when they are young born countries.

The United States have been one of the key countries helping countries like South Sudan, countries that have financial, social security problem and international conflicts. The US in general and President Obama in particular, have been looking for a “success story” in Africa.  The influence of The United States is very active in South Sudan history, my question is how the social safety haven’t been solved. Everything is not a priority for the helper countries, for example, we seem the intention of the United States trying to help South Sudan with the currency creation, but the Gender and the injustices traditions still destroying lives.  Should South Sudan continue getting help from the United States  or should they  accept other countries like Russia or any other countrty with interest of helping this nation to growth?


7 thoughts on “South Sudan don’t even have protection for their citizens Human rights

  1. I think U.S. or other countries should intervene with South Sudan in order to help this country out, offering democratic knowledge or improving inflastructure. But it is an utopianism. If we want to fundamentally settle the problem, we also need to take care of neighboring countries, which means improving circumstances from the view of African continent is neccesarry.


  2. In my point of view, South Sudan should getting aid from the United States or other democracy countries but not from other countries which have different ideology. It may cause more confusion to people and make more conflictions. Helping countries can only help on financial problems however they should not interfere deeply on the security and conflict problem that would may cause more problems.


  3. I think they should accept aide from any country willing to offer it. if countries offering aide get upset, too bad. When a country is a s poor and fraught with violence as South Sudan is, all stops must be removed, whether they be political or ideological.


  4. Intervention in a crisis such as this could absolutely be helpful. For those who cannot help themselves the choice of others who are capable could help make a significant different in the lives of others elsewhere. humanitarian missions aren’t a new thing for the U.S., why suddenly stop?


  5. I think the problems in South Sudan have gotten severe enough where intervention is most definitely needed. I agree with one of the comments made in regard of South Sudan getting aid from countries that have the same ideology. The violence has been going on for years and it seems like it is not going to come to an end anytime soon. I think that the U.S. could help in establishing political and financial stability.


  6. No one should have to live in a country that does not authorize freedom of speech. It is a tragic event that the reporter got killed for simply conducting his job. That being said, I agree that there should be some type of aid to help solve the political and economic problems occurring so that South Sudan can be a more peaceful area.


  7. An issue with giving any aid to a country is will the government of the country use the aid (whatever it may be food, money, arms, etc.) for the reasons it claims it will use it for or will the aid find its way elsewhere. Another issue in areas like this one is the question of is there anyone in the country truly fit to be in power, it’s pointless to dispose one leader when anyone who will fill the spot is just as bad.


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