Crisis coming to an end in South Sudan

South Sudan has only been around for since 2011, but in that time they have had a lot of turmoil within the government.  In 2011 the country officially gained independence.  That independence brought on a war with Sudan at first with disputes over land in the border region.  Although this dispute lasted for about a year that is not what sent this brand new country into a downward spiral.

The reason South Sudan has become somewhat of a hot topic is because of the civil war that has made this brand new state into one of the most fragile countries in the world.  The civil war started in 2013 with President Salva Kiir accusing his VP Riek Machar of inciting a coup within his country.  With this happening fighting erupted just a few days after this happening and spiraling the country into a bloody civil war.  This has been going on for almost 2 years no with thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands displaced from there homes and villages.

The first ceasefire was announced in January 2014, but did not last very long and fighting broke out once again.  Once again in August of 2015 another ceasefire was brokered.  Although this time it was different because the ceasefire was put together with the help of the UN, US, UK and other world powers.  This Civil war has brought a new country to its knees, but after world powers stepped in to try and end the fighting that has seen ethnic cleansing, gang rapes, and child soldier recruitment come to an end.  The ceasefire agreement was met with a firm warning from the UN that if the ceasefire was broken that sanctions would be put in place.  This is a step in the right direction to make sure that both sides follow this ceasefire agreement after others have failed before to make it happen.

With this do you think that the ceasefire will stay in place since world powers and the UN helped negotiate it?  Is this a step in the right direction for South Sudan or will this country just spiral into more fighting in the near future?

south sudan


3 thoughts on “Crisis coming to an end in South Sudan

  1. Conflicts and problems within countries in this region of the world are common due to unstable governments that were recently created, in this case, South Sudan. I personally don’t believe in the idea that South Sudan will maintain its ceasefire, as seen in instances in surrounding countries in Africa. But as of right now, the UN has managed to maintain the ceasefire, primarily due to the help of world powers such as the US and the UK.


  2. I can not say that I believe this ceasefire will be a lasting one if the UN, US and UK were to pull out. I think intervening was the right thing to do in this case but without a constant enforcement I think they would just start fighting again. They need structure and right now they have it which is good but the question is, for how long? Implementing sanctions is a good idea because it gives them a form of repercussions. This is definitely a step in the right direction.


    • I agree with your idea that the intervention was the right thing in this case. Also, as we learned in the class, DDR, which stands for demobilization, disarmament, reintegration, is essential to maintain peace. After civil war finishes, what is one of the most difficult things is not to restart fighting. DDR focuses on the struggles that the country would face after ending the war, like jobs for soldiers, dealing with psychological or mental disorders. These actions would undoubtedly contribute to stabilizing the situation in countries.


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