Greece Refugee Crisis

Greece has just overtaken Italy in the most new migrants arriving per day category. Unfortunately with the open door type policy in Greece we are seeing a lot of problems. People are fleeing Syrian war zones and looking for a safe place to go. Greece is having issues keeping its own people in adequate living conditions let alone the thousands of refugees that arrive every day. The islands of Lesbos are overwhelmed with population issues.

We are starting to see the problem of population and living conditions really pick up in Lesbos. Greece has economic issues, they have little resources on their own and they have little space. We are seeing the combination of the economic collapse and this refugee crisis spiraling out of control. The rest of Europe seems to be watching as the failure of the Greeks refugee management is overwhelming the country.

The safest thing to do right now is coordinating a better plan. They need to get other countries more involved; they need the refugees to be transferred to larger more economically stable countries that can handle crisis situations more adequately. Greece has done all it can do at this point and is struggling to keep the good deed of accepting and somewhat saving these refugees alive. With help from other countries and a better management system where the people can be transferred, fed and housed these survivors will have a better shot at survival.


8 thoughts on “Greece Refugee Crisis

  1. I agree that other countries which is more involved will offer better life quality to refugees. However, it seems unequal and irrational decision to them because, most of the costs and social problems that will occur due to absorbing refugees are their work not the other countries. Also, many countries in the world are economically suffering even they are economically stable. There are people who could not get jobs and still looking for jobs. The argument from the people who refuses to admit refugees in their country is they are afraid of losing their jobs. As a humane assistance, refugees will have better environment in economically stable countries, however, it shouldn’t be the only job for the certain country which admitted refugees to their nation.


  2. I agree other countries do need to start getting involved. Even if they don’t want to have the refugees in their country than at least provide economic resources for Greece because they are doing everything they can to help these refugees but it is hurting their country even more, This isn’t a problem just one country can fix, more need to help out. The question of should other international forces get involved and if this were just a problem that was occuring within Syria because they are in the middle of their civil war then probably not, but the refugees are pilling into Greece and they should receive help because they didn’t start the civil war they are just a surrounding country.


  3. If other countries are not willing to take in the refugees they should at least provide resources to help out Greece. When your own country is already in an economic downfall it becomes harder to take in more people who contribute to the poverty. A country who is fairly wealthy with economic resources should step in to aid Greece in providing a better environment for the refugees and the Greece community.


  4. Very interesting post. I agree that the best thing that can be done, for both the welfare of Greece and the refugees, is for the rest of the international community to not idly stand by and watch Greece and Italy struggle with the brunt of the refugee crisis. If an organized attempt was made to help the refugees and get them settled in a more spread out manner or in areas with less economic tension, I believe that everyone would benefit.


  5. Interesting post! I am curious as to how the terrorist attacks in Paris will affect the status of the refugee crisis in Europe, particularly because the Islamic State has now claimed responsibility for the atrocity. Perhaps European governments will constrict their policies toward refugee admittance or, conversely, maybe this tragedy will ignite a sense of duty within Europe to finally address the conflict in Syria and Iraq at its source – the Islamic State militants themselves. Simply food for thought!


  6. I think it is difficult to integrate other people, especially different religious immigrants into own countries because many (European) countries recently hold that crimes are attributed to immigrants. Not only that, it is not clear that immigrants would be really beneficial to economy. Many people argues economically stable countries shnould accept immigrants, but population density should also be measured.


  7. I actually disagree. I think the best plan would be to get the arab states that have a lot to do with this war to take in the refugees. KSA, Oman, UAE, have not taken in a single refugee
    While taking in these refugees is a noble thing to do, it is not sustainable economically , culturally or politically. Instead of spreading the burden on other European countries why not attempt to get the Gulf States to take in their brethren?


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