Roles of International Committee of Red Cross: As a Non Governmental Organization

Afghanistan: ICRC protects, aids people ahead of April elections


In these days, we learned in classes how countries or international organizations try to create peaces through bargaining and treaties. In this post, I want to show how some non governmental organizations can contribute to creating peace, especially ICRC, International Committee of Red Cross, because in my opinion, these non state actors appears to have an important influence on creating humanitarian norms in the world.

ICRC has a long history and international reputations for helping the people in critical situations. It has addressed a lot of problems since the establishment of ICRC aiming at saving the people’s lives, regardless of allies or adversaries.  In many conflicts which occurred in the past, ICRC had a great deal of work, such as providing water, food, and shelters for people, offering health care for people who are ill and got injured, addressing the problems of sexual violence in dangerous places, and so on.

However, there have been great difficulties in intervening the civil war, like in the case of civil war in Bosnia and Helzegovina. Though the casualties were not so higher than other cases, for instance Rwandan civil war or Somali civil war, in this case, massacres occurred in the safety areas UN designated and some people from ICRC died. Also as we learned in the class’s readings, there are some findings that interventions by the third party could prolong the war. Although their roles seems to be limited, personally I think that these activities have exactly a big effect on creating some norms and important notions. In these days, there are some arguments that Human Security, in contrast to National Securities, is crucial for the people living near the battle areas. Even if there had not been these activities like ICRC and MSF, it would not have been such a famous notion in the world. Also some countries, like Canada,  have a policy for the Human Security to address the conflicts occurring over the world and these ideas have spread globally.

Do you think that these Non Governmental Organization have positive impacts on creating peace, or national governments still have great powers?


4 thoughts on “Roles of International Committee of Red Cross: As a Non Governmental Organization

  1. I think non-governmental organizations can help governments create peace. They sort of bring out the issue at hand to an international level and make it apparent. Governments that tend to be popular in the peoples eyes or want to gain support may support NGO interests to gain support. So in a way they do have positive impacts and do somewhat help create peace.


  2. I also believe that non-governmental organization have power to change the world or affect on some parts that certain nations cannot. NGOs are not involved in a certain nations so, it has an advantage that they are an impartial organization.


  3. I think that non-governmental organizations can yes have a positive effect on peace in different states but I think it depends on what they are doing to help create peace and at what point in the conflict they are trying to help. But I also feel like if NGOs get involved they are putting themselves at risk of getting hurt for a conflict where them getting involved might not have done any good only caused more problems.


  4. A problem the Red Cross and other NGO’s face is power. A government really doesn’t have to let them into their country, and if the government decides to kill them and take their supplies the Red Cross really can’t defend itself. The Red Cross is an excellent organization and it truly provides a wonderful service to the world, but what happens when a country doesn’t want them around any more?


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