Israeli-Jordanian Peace Treaty

In 1994, Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty. The main goals of the treaty were to guarantee Jordan the restoration of their land by setting defined boundaries and also splitting up the water supply that came from Yarmouk and Jordan rivers between the two countries. Though this treaty is still holding up today there is a lot of controversy over it. Jordanian people are not in favor of this treaty. In fact, there was actually a poll taken in 2011 about this and 52% of Jordanian people said that their government should cancel the agreement. Just a few weeks ago thousands of Jordanian people rallied in the streets and torched Israeli flags, chanting things like “The land is ours, Jerusalem is ours and Allah is with us,”.

You may be asking if so many Jordanian people oppose the treaty then why is it still in place? The truth is, the benefits outweigh the cons. In a sense, Jordan needs Israel to maintain stability because Jordan is not as strong of a country as Israel. If Jordan were to cut ties with Israel they would most likely get caught in a crossfire with neighboring countries. It is said that Israeli is the regional policeman, meaning that they protect Jordan. Jordan is and has been under a great amount of economic stress which is why it is essential for them to maintain peace with Israel. They get a lot of funding from the US and it is possible that a disruption in the treaty would cause that aid to stop. Not to mention, a huge portion of Jordan’s population is Palestinian people and it is a fear that without the treaty they would have to flee the country because Israeli and Palestinian people have conflict. For the sake of the countries security, Jordan puts up with Israel and that is unlikely to change.


4 thoughts on “Israeli-Jordanian Peace Treaty

  1. Very informative post, I agree with the basis that they will continue peace because of the fear of losing United States funding. Without this funding their country may go into a large economic downfall so it is essential for them to maintain their side of the deal.


  2. I dont think its very fair to say that Jordan ‘puts up with’ Israel. The agreements between he two countries are mutuality beneficial, some may say more so to Jordan than Israel. Jordan is a stable country surrounded by instability and revolution. Why would they sacrifice a very stable alliance? It doesn’t make much sense.


    • The focus of this post was to show why the people of Jordan did not like the agreement. I do not believe they will break the alliance because as I stated above the pros do outweigh the cons. Maybe saying that Jordan puts up with Israel was poor choice of wording but in my opinion, Israel seems to benefit more from this agreement.


  3. I agree with the post above. It doesn’t make sense for Jordan to sacrifice this alliance. There are many beneficial aspects for Jordan that maybe the people don’t see but the government does and that is why they are still working with this peace treaty. The only problem that may arise if the people of Jordan eventually become extremely against this treaty and rebel because of it but I highly doubt that would happen.


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