Thursday night,  in the West Bank city of Nablus, The holy site of Joseph’s tomb was set ablaze by Palestinians. That arson act comes amid recurring tensions between Israelis and Palestinians. BBC reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had asked the Palestinians leadership for a cease fire. According to CNN, tomb was not damaged but because of this incident, the tensions between the Israelis and the Palestinians would probably escalate. According to BBC, Joseph’s tomb is considered the burial place of the biblical figure Joseph, son of Jacob was devastated by Palestinians in October, 2000. Many Israelis are protesting this cruel act and are calling it a violation of their religious rights. Israeli authorities are condemning the attacks and have made it clear that they want the perpetrators to be brought to justice.  

Israel and Palestine have been going at it for more than 60 years. It all started when the United Nations decided to partition land and according to the Palestinians, it was done unfairly. Since then, those two two nations, Israel and Palestine have been in conflict with each other. Over the  course of last year, they started fighting again and continuing attacks against each other have occurred, which has resulted in a lot of wounded and deaths. Even last month, there has been seven Israeli that were killed and many  wounded in the stabbings and some gun attacks. At least 30 Palestinians were killed in these attacks.  Because of the recent attacks on the tombs, it is not clear if the tensions will escalate but only time will tell.



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