Malaysian Airline Flight 17

Remember the news report about the missing Malaysian Airline? That was flight MH370, the wreckage has been found and if you’re curious click here. Anyhow let’s revert our attention to Flight number 17. Flight 17 took off from Amsterdam Airport and was on its way to Kuala Lumpur International Airport until it was shot down the summer of 2014 on July 17th. The airlines crash resulted in the death of everyone on board which had 298 passengers on board, 80 of which were children and 15 crew members. Tjibbe Joustra, chairman of the Dutch Safety Board (DSB), said that the 15 month long investigation concluded with findings of Russian-Made warhead shrapnel within the planes wreckage.


“Flight MH17 crashed as a result of the detonation of a warhead outside the airplane above the left-hand side of the cockpit,” – Tjibbe Joustra

The Dutch Safety Board also concluded that the Russian Made missile was known as the “Buk Missile” and was said to be fired from Rebel-held Eastern Ukraine. The  Buk systems production corporation: Almaz-Anteys director Yan Novikov explained how the missiles were indeed Russian made, but were not used by Russians since 2011. He also went on how the missile was fired from a region known as Snizhne which is rebel territory which is also neighboring Zaroschenskoe which is under Ukrainian military control. The conclusion brought by Novikov was that the airline was indeed shot down by Ukrainians and not by the Russians. Robert Latiff, a US Air Force Major General, who is now a professor at the University of Notre Dame said that those who launched the missile had lacked the required training to operate such a missile system. He claimed that the Russian soldiers would’ve been too disciplined and professional to fail at checking the aircrafts code to ensure that it was indeed a commercial flight and not one of military affiliation.  Why didn’t Ukraine close its civil airspace? Apparently over 160 flights took place over Ukraine before the initial crash and closure of airspace. Ukrainian Prime Minister claimed that the Ukrainian government had no idea that anti-aircraft weapons were being used in the area.

Investigators claimed that the passengers most likely were unable to comprehend what was happening due to the airline being split in half and the lack of oxygen at such a high altitude. This surely was a tragic event in the international scope as investigators said that 80 of the passengers were from Amsterdam. What are your thoughts on Russia’s initial response to the claim that the specific weapons system was operated by Ukrainians? How about the consequences that Ukraine might or might not face? Do you think Russia was deeply involved and justified the blame on Ukraine to divert attention?

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Websites if you wish to read further and review details of the incident:


4 thoughts on “Malaysian Airline Flight 17

  1. I genuinely believe that Ukraine is trying to make Russia look like the bad guy to an already convinced audience, however in doing so, they failed and made themselves the villains in this case. Using a Russian made missile to attack the Malaysian Airline, causing the death of everyone on board, from their territory (rebel-held Eastern Ukraine) and lack of training on the use of the missile was enough evidence for officials to conclude that the Ukrainians were suspect of foul play. Perhaps they thought that by doing this, the world would be on their side against Russia.


  2. I do not believe that Russia had anything to do with the tragedy that befell flight MH17. Based on thwbinfkrmation provided, I do agree with the conclusion that the plane was shot down due to ignorance or fear from Ukrainian rebels. Russia would have absolutely no incentive to shoot down a passenger flight, and the stakes would be too high internationally if it was discovered they had done so. Rebels however, would be a more likely cause as it is quite likely they did not have adequate training to identify a passenger flight.

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  3. In the case of Russia and Ukraine it’s easy to see Russia as the bad guy, but Ukraine isn’t exactly a saint of a country. Many politicians and leader sin Ukraine grew up during Soviet Control, and these leaders would have been exposed to the same kind of education and life experiences of Vladimir Putin. The president of Ukraine who was ousted in 2013 is an excellent example.


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