Turmoil in Turkey

This past Saturday, several bombings took place in Ankara, Turkey and it has led to the death of many. Many people believe that the Turkish government is at fault for not providing enough security. Some believe that the chaos being created is so that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan can remain in power longer or so that elections are delayed. In class, we learned how political survival is important to leaders. Leaders that stay in office will remain to have power. We also discussed how war as diversion can be used for political strategic purposes. Even though Turkey is not at war, it is involved in conflict and many people believe that the president is using it for political reasons. These bombings took place as people were getting ready for a peace rally since armed conflict has started up again between the Turkish government and Kurdish militants. Turkey has had many issues to deal with and one of those is the continuous conflict between their government and the Kurds. The Kurds have been a large minority in Turkey. This conflict has been going on since the 1980’s. There was a ceasefire in 2013. A lot of violence has been going on leading up to the attacks, mostly since the attack in Suruc. The relationship between Kurds and the Turkish government has been very strained.

Screenshot (10)

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The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is seen as a terrorist group by the Turkish government and it has been fighting for more rights. As attacks on the PKK have increased, their arrests on Kurdish activists also went up. A peace process had potential until the PKK started increasing their number of attacks. The Turkish government is completely unsupportive of the Kurds having their own state. The instability in Turkey has also been caused by attacks from the Islamic State. The Islamic State has been blamed for the attack mentioned before that happened in Suruc. As seen in the photo above, the Y.P.G is tied to the Democratic Unity party which is tied to the PKK. Over the summer, Turkish troops and Islamic State fighters fought along the Syrian border. Operations against the Islamic State is slowly growing. Turkey is part of NATO and many believe it would have a very important role in defeating ISIS; it finally agreed to assist the United States with the condition that there would be a Kurd and ISIS free zone in Syria. What lies in the future for Turkey and the Kurds in and around Turkey?

Link to photos: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-33690060


4 thoughts on “Turmoil in Turkey

  1. I think this is very interesting and something I was unaware of. I do agree that maybe the president is using this to help him stay in power for a longer time, but maybe people might see through it if more attacks keep occurring then they might seem to wonder why that is happening, people want to see less attacks in their state rather than more conflict and if conflict keeps happening then a war might break out. As for NATO I wonder why they aren’t getting more help with the terrorists in their state, I might not fully understand what is happening with this group but if they are attacking the Turkish then why aren’t other NATO members helping them?


  2. As a result of this terrorism, the Turkish government reprehended U.S. for supporting Kurdish groups in Syria that are fighting with ISIS, because this terrorism is supposed to be concerned with PKK, other Kurdish group. I think the main problem is ISIS and PKK are both non-states, which makes it very complicated for state actors to tackle this problems. We have to eliminate terrorist groups not by judt directly dropping the bomb, but by eradicating breeding ground per se.


  3. This is an interesting topic that I was actually unaware of. I had no idea about these conflicts in Turkey. I just wonder if our involvement will help them or actually harm them. Something definitely has to be done though


  4. The Kurds are a group of Muslims who seem to be universally hated by all other Muslims. Even in Syria the Turkish military and Kurdish forces seem to be more interested in fighting each other than fighting against IS. While the creation of an independent Kurdish states sounds like the best option, the creation of an independent Jewish state has been the epicenter for a lot of violence in the middle east.


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