Russia and United States President showing International Relations Theory

In Erik Voeten’s article, we can see the interest of both countries from the president’s perspective. The IR Theory describes how states act in their own interest, without considering the concern of the others. The word that President Obama used most in comparison to Putin was “people.” By contrast, Putin emphasized the word “state” much more than Obama. As we’ve discussed in class, Presidents can determine the interests of their countries. Obama’s character leans towards the safety of the people while Putin it’s concerns in state norms and traditions rather than the people.

The interest of United States is to give safety to their citizens and security from foreighn countries. The article by Erik Voeten  says, “Putin and Obama clash over international relations theory.” Furthermore, Obama explains how the United States is intervening for an International Order, to show how Liberal their intentions are. Liberal Theory is base on sharing similar interest with other nations.

Obama express that United States  responses to Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine and China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea are not at all driven by U.S. economic or security interests but by “fidelity to international order.” In other words, the U.S. is not just looking out for itself but seeks to defend an order based on law and human rights that benefits humanity.  Most people don’t believe that the intentions of United States in other countries is to maintain order, that’s what Putin’s point of view argues. Those who don not believe in the liberal ideas of The United States, categorize the United States as a realistic country. To determine if the United States is categorized as Liberal or Realist, we would have to determine which side the critics come from.

The crisis in Syria and other places like Greece, Ukraine, and northern Africa, was caused because the conflict of the United States and Russia. Putin’s president of Russia express how the United States is responsible of all the conflict in Northern Africa because of the way they tried to implement a system that won’t work for every nation. “instead of learning from other people’s mistakes, some prefer to repeat them and continue to export revolutions, only now these are “democratic” revolutions. Just look at the situation in the Middle East and Northern Africa [..] Instead of democracy and progress, there is now violence, poverty, social disasters and total disregard for human rights” This quote just criticizes the worldview of the American Society, policies, and norms.

Would you take the position of Putin and Obama Interpretation? There is justification of all the conflict that is happening in northern Africa? Are we the United States responsible?

At the end of the day, both countries act as Liberal as possible in the United Nations, but they are not truly liberal from my perspectiveas well as Erik Voeten’s worldview. Obama is more realistic than what many perceive from his speeches. Putin is also a victim of the same critics, he is a realist who looks for his own interest.


One thought on “Russia and United States President showing International Relations Theory

  1. I also think ‘Obama’s character leans towards the safety of the people while Putin it’s concerns in state norms and traditions rather than the people.’ Obama and Putin are odds over Ukraine and Syria. Obama pursue of peace while Putin’s rampant character seems quite different. Relation between the two seems not bright that will not improve soon. Because of crisis in Russia’s economy, Putin could have his power back. However, Russia does not have a super power as the era of cold war, so they should follow the U.S even though Putin’s defiance is not close enough with the idea of pursuit of peace.


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