Song: piece of Long peace

Do you support the idea with what Thomas Hobbes declared that primitive human life was “Solitary, Poor, Nasty, Brutish, and Short”? Or with what Rousseau said “Nothing can be more gentle than man in his primitive state.”? In the news, it is sad reality but there is more news that delivers us about negative reports such as, murder, rape, sexual assault than positive happy news. This is not things that suddenly happen; however, the effects of terrible news stories on crime and violence are big enough to raise awareness of people. If the mass media is the only way to relies on for the facts recently happen, whole world suffers from an epidemic of violence and crime, significantly high death rates. Pope Francis told that World War III is already started because violence on the streets seems to be rising. Are we really living in dangerous times, does it just feel that way?


Harvard psychology professor and also writer, Steven Pinker, in his book, “The better Angels of Our Nature,” he wrote that we are living in the most peaceful era in our human existence. Pinker argues that despite of the negative events that mass media deliver us, its war, crime, violence has actually been down over history. According to another resource, the article written by Steven Pinker and Andrew Mack, “The World is Not Falling Apart”, every chart, embedded on the article, shows that the point of the trend lines for genocide and other civilian killings is descending. He wanted to explain the reason that the rates of violence in the world have fallen. He argues that still tons of troubles remain in the society, but he thought, similar to Thomas Hobbes’s idea, people made it possible the decline of violence with many processes to civilizing that people’s consideration of others made them more civilized.


Could we make society that become more considerable and humanely to decline in violence continue in the future? It is true that human condition is ameliorating, such as education, technology, health and any other parts of field, even so worldwide moralistic shaming acts are still existing, such as violence against women, punishment of children or torturing animals etc. In the future, it will exist bunch of criminals; however, the global economy getting better than now. All of violent crime has happened before and will happen again and again. What important to know is that somehow violence is down; nevertheless, its fear people feel is still have gone up. We should understand and admit that live in the great times, not the worst. Persistent historical humankind development that visible on scales from the charts is quite optimistic.


2 thoughts on “Song: piece of Long peace

  1. I think the fear of violence will forever be on the rise because we now have so much more access to graphic videos and imagery than people ever did before. The media uses violence as a way to draw in viewers, and the media is a business trying to sell a product- viewers, which are drawn in by fear. Even if the world is becoming more peaceful, it will never seem that was for as long as violence is exploited for civilian consumption.


  2. I agree with the above comment that the fear of violence will also be on the rise, I also feel that violence will go down because of that, people will always be afraid that violence will occur so more people will be more aware and will try and play apart in people trying to be more peaceful. I think that it is good that the new does report the different form of violence, even though yes it’s not fun to watch, because it keeps everyone aware as to what is happening and makes people want to try and stop the violence because no one wants to live in a world where there is that much violence. But the media does need to start reporting on non violent acts that are occurring because no one is going to feel like the world is getting more peaceful if all they see is the bad.


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