The Reason behind the Refugee Crisis

If you have watched any major news channel over the past week or two, you might have noticed quite a bit of coverage on the refugee crisis going on in Europe.  Although that is where they have started to film what is going on in there journey, that is not even close to where it began.  Most of these refugees have been forced from there homes due to numerous conflicts throughout the Middle East.  Although these refugees are making there way into Europe,  it is causing a humanitarian crisis within the entire region.  It all stems back to the multiple conflicts that have been going on dating back many years.  The EU has reached out to UN members to try and have them contribute money so the EU doesn’t have to fund all the programs that are helping the refugees.  It has become and overwhelming problem when some countries within the Middle East aren’t helping out the refugees and just leaving them to find there way on there own.

When you look at the Middle East, you can see that the problem of all this violence doesn’t just stem from my main civil war hotbeds like Syria or Yemen.  A lot of these conflicts going on are just proxy wars, which is involving multiple countries in the Middle East.  When we are looking at these conflicts, countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia are funneling tons of money into these civil wars.  They are pumping money into the conflicts because they see it as a strategic advantage that can gain them power in the region.  That leads to more groups entering the conflict, which in turn leads to more violence.  This violence has been raging on for years and has caused a huge number of citizens from those countries to become refugees and flee the country.

A lot of people see ISIS as the main reason that there is a huge refugee influx into Europe. The civil wars create power vacuums that have different groups vying for power.  As the U.S. is trying to get themselves out of the Middle East and have governments set up in countries that they have previously been in, it  only creating more destabilization.  When countries try to ignore and just let the civil wars or conflicts in the region keep going and sort themselves out, it just feeds into the crisis.  Refugees try to travel to other countries, but are met with more conflict or even some countries just not accepting them because they don’t agree with what is going on in there home country.  This has created a huge crisis for refugees and has now is being covered on a world scale.  When the U.S. and EU gets involved, it shows that it is a serious enough problem for world powers to get involved.  The refugee crisis is a terrible thing, but there is more to it then just what you see on the news, it has been boiling over for many years now and has finally reached the surface for the world to see.



3 thoughts on “The Reason behind the Refugee Crisis

  1. It is sad to see how many peoples’ lives are being ruined by the amount of violence and destruction being committed by ISIS and by the civil wars and conflicts going on. I used to think that the conflicts going on in the Middle East had to do with just religion but after doing research for my blog post and reading other students blog posts I learned that it is more than just that. I definitely agree with your statement on how this has been boiling over many years and now we are left with questions on how to solve the refugee issue and how to end the conflicts going on.

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  2. I think that the EU and the U.S.getting evolved and trying to ease the situation is good, however, the U.N as a whole should be doing something about the Refugee Crisis as well as the Civil War causing the refugee crisis. This is a humanitarian crisis and that is one of the main jobs of the U.N. Sanctions should be put out on the Middle east countries who aren’t helping the neighboring refugees out and starting proxy wars thus causing more violence.


  3. I learned a lot about this issue in one of my Anthropology classes. Like you said, the media does not display the entire situation. I agree that it is good the US and EU are trying to resolve this issue but I do not know how hopeful I am when it comes to a quick resolution. This has been an ongoing issue for some time now. People have been completely dehumanized and stripped of their rights. Something definitely has to change. We also need better support for the fleeing refugees.


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