How states have used Axelrod’s ideas to resolve the prisoner’s dilemma

Axelrod’s ideas to resolve the prisoner’s dilemma explains how the cooperation of two rational individuals responds in a conflict. In this case, I am analyzing how this idea is connecting two countries relationship. Axelrod’s idea explain’s how cooperation of two individuals can give better results than the both of them failing on their own in a problem in which they are both involved in. In the case of two nations, we can see the same thing how countries compete with each other and struggle to get the right payoff if any at all. The definition of Alexrod’s Ideas project that the Prisoner dilemma is a situation which look at the two individuals self-interest. Their interests are just to get the best payoff for themselves individually, but the theory PG explains that they won’t get satisfaction if self-interest is driving the decision.

One example is the United states and Russia trying to give away their nuclear weapons, the dicision table for both sides looking similar for both country. There are distrust issues and a history conflict between Russia and the US, that can be a conflict for the cooperation to solve Nucleus weapon elimination in the world. The United States giving away their nucleus weapon make an assumption of Russia no giving all of them away, the other way around Russia assumed.


2 thoughts on “How states have used Axelrod’s ideas to resolve the prisoner’s dilemma

  1. Russia and the United States are the go to prisoners dilemma example because the situation between the two is so perfect. Years of rivalry with the existence of other country hanging on the line. Both sides truly believed if they stumbled for a moment all would be lost.


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