Civil War in the Middle East: Reasons for Persistent Violence

As we learned in class, civil war is a sequence of battles that occur within a state and causes a high number of causalities. Today, we see many news reports on civil wars, especially in the Middle East. I often ask myself, “Why does this violence continue and when will it stop”. The violence has not stopped due to the rise in terrorist groups, spread of civil war through states and radical organizations that take over countries and rule with harshness. During conflict terrorist groups are able to “organize, operate and spread”. For instance, Al Quada is franchising in Syria, Yemen and Libya; all Middle Eastern states in civil war. Terrorist groups tend to increase in size when there is chaos and loss of government control in a country. The new hostile governments who go into power tend to be hostile towards Western ideas. The spread of civil war through states is not inevitable because given that borders are porous, ethno-sectarian groups span state lines, and governments are mostly weak.

Featured imageAn external reason violence has not stopped is because parties on both sides of a civil war continue to fund the violence. Powerful middle eastern countries are willing to provide funds that are advantageous to them. There have been reports of wealthy individuals from middle eastern countries have funded extremist groups in Syria. Since current countries that are in war cannot sustain themselves, these funds can become there only means of income. As i mentioned before, civil war can spread among neighboring states ,therefore, giving money to waring states creates a continuous cycle of violence. Although external parties do not participate physically, there money goes a long way


5 thoughts on “Civil War in the Middle East: Reasons for Persistent Violence

  1. I have a similar question, like why the violence in Syria does not stop. In this post, it is written that this violence is mainly caused by the rise in terrorist groups and civil wars. Also it is stated that the governance does not function among the country due to these battles. In my opinion, some intervention should be done in this case because the government in Syria does not have any power to control. If you look at history, Rwandan civil war is definitely the case which other countries were too late to offer the supports, though people living in Rwanda really needed the help. To minimize the damage of wars and to stop these kind of tragedies, proper interventions are needed.


  2. I also think a “international intervention” is important in order to settle such problems in the Middle East; however, what acters should we support is more essential. For example in Syrian civil war, the root cause was a kind of ‘didactic moralism’ of Western nations including U.S. which condemned the Assad regime for its authoritarianism. In my opinion, democracy per se is a product of Western culture, so it is difficult, or undesirable, to impose democracy to other countries, especially in the Middle east, without much consideration. Moreover, Western nations now are said to support the terrorost organization which aim to subvert the Assad regime. After all, I can’t help feeling that the Pandora’s box is Western nations.


  3. I do agree with the fact that civil wars are inevitable in a region like the Middle East. Although the civil wars that have been going on haven’t had a lot of outside interference besides the operations against ISIS. These groups and countries still receive massive amounts of funding from outside sources because without them, there wouldn’t be a civil war. When we look at who is funding who, it really isn’t clear. You see Iran giving money to a lot of terror groups, but also you see western powers also giving money to “non radicalized” rebel groups. It really is a double edged sword because the money is still going to groups that are against our enemy, but we would never work with them if they were in a situation besides this one.


  4. This is an interesting read. I think outside powers can try and help all they want but at the end of the day finding peace in the middle east is up to the countries themselves. This is why I am so cynical when it comes to this issue, every country in the middle east has some kind of unfinished business with another country, Sunnis and Shiites have been at war with each other since Islam was created and radical Islam is a continual threat that plagues the middle. I cannot see the middle east resolving any issues and coming to peace any time soon.


  5. Modern conflicts in the Middle East were happened as same as previous history. There were always conflicts because of the rise in terrorist groups and civil wars. These set of problems facing the Middle East seems not end easily.


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