security threat to Africa

Nigeria is a country located in West Africa, with its borders at Benin republic on the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, Niger at the north and the south coast at the Atlantic ocean. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous country in the world. It is usually referred to as the “Giant of Africa”. The location of Nigeria is in a major source of the worlds oil.

with this little description of Nigeria, it is obvious that Nigeria is a very important country to Africa and the rest of the world. However, in recent years there has been a very pressing issue concerning the security of Nigeria. Nigeria has been faced with this security issue since the emergence of the terrorist group Boko haram. This terrorist group boko haram poses a huge threat to the security of the nation of Nigeria especially the Northern region where several thousands of people have been killed in areas like Borno, Adamawa, Jos, Abuja (the capital city of Nigeria). This terrorist group has spread into other neighboring countries like chad.

In most recent times, early this year, boko haram pledged allegiance to the terrorist group isis which is a terrorist group that is definitely seen as a threat to the world. Since they pledged this allegiance, the people of Nigeria has suffered from several terrorist attacks. the Nigerian Military are trying their best to get rid of this terrorist group but have failed continuously because of the lack of proper training, and weapons needed to get the job done. The security of Africa is at risk due to this terrorist group and inability to get rid of them. The terrorist group Boko haram continues to expand from one country to the other without any signs of stopping or becoming weak. If this issue with the terrorist group is not quickly rectified or fixed, Nigeria will become a very damaged country with people trying to escape to other countries like what is going on in Syria.


8 thoughts on “security threat to Africa

  1. Tolu, thank you for bringing attention to the security situation in Nigeria and the greater region – I actually just completed an IR/Security Policy course through Vassar College specifically on Measures to Combat Terrorism in Africa. I certainly agree that the proliferation of violent (ideological) extremism and acts terrorism upon the African continent (particularly in West Africa with Boko Haram, but also in East Africa with Al-Shabaab [Somalia and Kenya], and even North Africa with Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb [AQIM]) represent a critical threat to the security, stability, and prosperity of all African states. These aforementioned insurgent, terrorist organizations are solely responsible for mass atrocities throughout Africa, immensely hindering economic development (oil in Nigeria) as well as the ability of African states to effectively and sustainably govern their territory. These terrorist organizations are transnational in nature, and therefore constitute a legitimate threat to regional as well as international security. In addition, the explanation as to why these criminal groups have come to thrive in Africa, controlling large swaths of territory, is that they have taken advantage of various aspects of state vulnerability, such as weak security infrastructures, increasingly high rates of political, economic, and social corruption, prevailing lawlessness in poorly governed or ungoverned territory, porous borders, limited economic opportunity for adolescent and young-adult populations, and even environmental degradation. However, I am of the opinion that the security situation in Africa should be resolved through the use of soft security strategies, as oppose to traditional security measures. The promotion of regional stability via sustainable, humanitarian development projects, the strengthening of political, economic, social, law, and security infrastructures, as well as the establishment of additional transparency and confidence building measures (TCBMs) amongst African States (through the use of enhanced border controls, export regulations, and regional intelligence sharing protocols to rout the spread of terrorism, as well as illicit arms and human trafficking) will do more to address the root causes and conditions conducive to the proliferation of terrorism in Africa than the initiation of multilateral conflict.


  2. Thank you for your post. I didn’t know that there is a terrorist group called Boko Haram. Thank you for bringing new information to me.
    While I was reading your post, some questions popped up in my mind.
    I didn’t know that Nigeria is in a major source of the worlds oil. I thought the countries in the Middle East were the major source of the worlds oil. It would be more helpful for me to read if you provided how much percentage of oil does Nigeria produces.
    Also, I would like to know why Boko Haram pledged allegiance to the terrorist group ISIS. Is Boko Haram has same root from ISIS? How does Boko Haram interact with ISIS?
    It was nice to read your post. Thank you.


  3. Thank you for this interesting post. This is a serious problem in Nigeria and it is now spreading to other countries. I personally have not heard much information about this terrorist group or of their actions on the news and I think that the media should take more notice of this. People need to know what is going on in Nigeria. I am worried by how much it has been spreading and the amount of attacks that have happened. I found out about this terrorist group through reading a link someone shared on Facebook. As you stated in your post, Nigeria has not been able to stop this terrorist group and that makes me wonder what measures should be taken to stop them from committing other attacks. If this continues spreading into various countries in Africa, it makes me wonder whether foreign intervention will be needed in order to stop this completely. I think that many people would be opposed to the idea of foreign intervention but if this keeps growing I think it might pose a threat to many other countries that are not near or in Africa seeing as Boko Haram has pledged allegiance to ISIS.


  4. Great Post, Thank you for an information that could be described in a simple and complicated scale. The terrorist groups in Africa can become one of the most danger threat to our society. They are been supplied by legal weapon reaciever, which mean some of the powerful government is been receiving awards from those Groups.
    I believe Boka Haram Should can categorize as one of those group against democracy and freedom. The fact that this group is immigrating to other territories outside of their countries of creation Nigeria, IO should become aware in a highers standers.
    In the other hand in this post, I found very interesting how the government defenses do not have enough preparation to combat those groups. Key points like this one are the one that be the backup of the theories of Powerful countries supplied those rebels group all around the world.


  5. There’s no question that a group such a Boka Haram should be stopped. Any terrorist organization can cause a blight on the area that they are operating in. The problem then is how to prevent one from popping up or getting rid of it once it does? I think one of the major issues that leads to these terrorist groups is the economy of the country they are in. Many of the people that are in these groups are poor people who have been coerced into thinking they can have a better life with these organizations.


  6. Thank for your interesting post. I totally agree that Nigeria should keep fight against terrorist group. To not lose their people as Syria suffering, Nigeria should win this battle, however, the reality seems not bright for Nigeria that its military is losing the battle against Boko haram. In my opinion, Nigeria still has chances to win this war, if they are turning it around now. When the north make huge economic development, vital political victory, well-trained troops, and a top priority, Security. I hope more countries give support to Nigeria in the fight.


  7. Sub-Saharan Africa is filled with conflict. The Democratic Republic of the Congo also recently faced conflict between the government and M23 rebels. Governments change quickly in Africa, and rarely is the new one better. There is little support for Africa as there’s little strategic value in the southern end of the country, with the exception of the Horn of Africa a major sea trade route. Chinese influence is unlikely to improve the continent as a whole as the Chinese will support whoever promises to give them access to what they want.


  8. Unfortunately the level of conflict within Africa has historically been very high and will no doubt increase in years to come. One could only hope that an increase to humanitarian aid and structural/governmental developments would take place to assist in establishing a safer environment.


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