Nato Reports Rise In Russia Military Flights Over Europe

This article was rather interesting because it deals with the fact that Russia is always trying to basically prove themselves. The article is basically informing its readers that over the past few days Nato has noticed a fair increase in the number of military fighter jets that have been flying over Europe.  It was mentioned in an article that was previously posted on here that Russia always seems to be invading other countries airspace and territory ( The U.S , Ukraine , Finland) .  But the problem in this instance is that although they do tend to invade other countries territory, specifically Europe in this case, they cannot detect their jets at all what so ever.  The fact that Nato has intercepted Russian aircrafts more than just a few times is a cause for concern because something is bound to happen if things remain this way.  The proper procedure when any undetected aircraft is in Nato’s airspace undetected is to intercept it which Nato has been doing,  but the article states “such flights pose a potential risk to civilian aviation because the Russian military often does not file flight plans or use on-board transponders”.  And the reason why having Russian aircrafts flying over Europe undetected is a cause for concern is because of the conflict that eastern Ukraine has with them .  I don’t know too much on this but from what I know Russia has been accused of supporting rebels in eastern Ukraine, which has crushed any relationships that one another may have had . So because of this who knows what can happen.  Do you think having Russian aircrafts undetected in Nato’s airspace over Europe is a cause for concern ? or Do you think it’s not as serious as it’s being made out to seem ?


5 thoughts on “Nato Reports Rise In Russia Military Flights Over Europe

  1. This is definitely an interesting story. The article talks about the sizable groups of Russian bombers as well as fighter jets- I am going on a limb here but it stirs a lot of “Red Dawn” type thoughts. This is definitely far fetched- but this is not something to just sweep under the rug. The intentions of these undetected flights could be for a number of reasons, but I doubt they are just “test flights” due to the fact that the jets weren’t using their transponders, and the fact that they were quite a distance from Russia in some instances. It should be interesting to see where this goes.


  2. It is definitely serious, but I think you asking a question along the lines are we just blowing it out of proportion is valid. This is just Russia flexing again, proving it’s capable military power. Russia has always felt the need they have to prove themselves as a powerful country because they feel that they do not receive the same respect as the United States. There is no need to fly aircraft in territory that they are not welcomed in, especially not notifying the countries of that territory. Again, this Russia showing their new technology; proving that they are militarily capable of fighting against any super power.


  3. Russia´s behaviour really is conspicuous and I think it´s important that the world shows its disapproval by counter balance the offensive actions. Although I am not sure wheather this is something to take too seriously or if its just Russia proving its power as usual. I do recognize that the actions has been increasing and therefore we shouldn´t exclude a hidden agenda. Only time will tell.


  4. It appears that Russia is just trying to exert its power and authority, to defy the NATO powers and show that they are their own nation that isn’t under their control. I am not so sure if there will be a conflict that arises from this, but anything can happen really.


  5. I think that Russian military is trying to show their power and authority.
    NATO is too powerful to fight for Russia. If they have war, it is going to be very expensive to Russia. However, my problem is that I don’t know whether Putin really wants Crimea, or he has different purpose. Therefore, if he has different purpose I can not image, the flying over EU is very intensional and serious problem.


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