The Swedish Mystery

The recent Swedish Mystery has raised many concerns.

Swedish media first reported about an appearance of a foreign underwater vessel in the Stockholm archipelago last week. Subsequent searches were undertaken by the Swedish military. A local newspaper reported that Sweden intercepted radio transmissions that were allegedly made in Russian after it began its naval operation in the waters near Stockholm. It is said that the transmission was directed towards the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, which is 330 miles south of Stockholm, on the Baltic’s southern shore. This led to the speculation of the underwater vessel being a Russian submarine. However, the Swedish military has denied rumors of it looking for submarines, and said that it was conducting an intelligence operation. Additionally, the Swedish Prime Minister announced an increase in spending on defence in its budget last Thursday.

Russia responded to the incident by denying having any vessels in Sweden’s territorial waters. Yet, as mentioned previously, Russia has several submarines that are based in Kaliningrad. Russia also holds a much bigger force near Murmansk on the Kola Peninsula, which is close to the Russian borders with Norway and Finland. The events in the past few days have sparked alarm across the Baltic Sea in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which are the three small former Soviet republics that were already startled by current Russian intervention of Ukraine. Lithuanian president publicly expressed his concern, saying that if Putin’s aggression in Ukraine is not stopped by the international community, “he will go further” and is an open threat to “Warsaw, the Baltic States and Bucharest”. 

With this event, it is likely that there will be a change in the security status in the Baltic region. Sweden’s search for the submarine is currently still ongoing, while Estonia has already stepped up surveillance of its territorial waters. As for Russia, it is pointing its fingers at Netherlands, claiming that the submarine may be Dutch. Russia is also questioning the Swedish submarine hunt to be an excuse for Sweden to boost its defense budget. Yet whether this incident will lead to a military conflict in the region or not is yet to be observed.

An interesting thing to note is Russia’s incentive in deploying a submarine to spy on the Baltic sea. A possible reason for Russia to be engaging in such an action may be the decrease of its oil prices in the global market. Current U.S. and EU sanction towards Russia may trigger a certain degree of agony, that might lead Russia into more aggressive behavior, such as the unproven Russian submarine incident in Sweden. Hence, perhaps in a way, economic sanction can sometimes turn into some sort of fuel to further aggression?


4 thoughts on “The Swedish Mystery

  1. Never hear much from Sweden and the surrounding countries, especially with any hint of aggression, so it is intriguing to hear about their current situation. I wonder if the U.N has any say in this predicament? Granted, it is not war, but it is a sketchy situation for Russia to be in, and could easily be interpreted as an act of aggression by having intercepted Russian transmissions about the submarine in friendly territory for reasons unknown…


  2. If this submarine is Russian it wouldn´t surpize me since that wouldn´t be the first time Russia is intruding Swedish territory lately. Last year we had Russian military planes invading Swedish air space and ever since a lot of debates has been going on whether Sweden should increase budget spending on defence. Many people are against it, saying its unnecessary since we obviosuly don´t have anything of interets for Putin, at the same time I feel that no matter the intentions Russia´s behaviour can be seen as an act of agression and a warning sign both for Sweden but also other neighbouring countries in the area around Russia. Like you said economic sanctions sometimes works as a fuel to further aggression and Putin is not the kind of person to miss any change of proving his power. I Believe the aggression in Ukraine must be stopped otherwise other countries might be next in turn.


  3. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised also if the submarine was Russian to be honest. And the reason I’m saying this is because they have a habit of like what was previously said to go into other countries territories. It’s just sketchy that they would even do this and is an issue that needs to be monitored carefully in the event that something else may arise from this .


  4. Even if it is not really a surprise to many people as they are assuming the submarine is Russian, if it really turns out to be Russian, it will trigger big military conflicts, involving many other neighboring countries.


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