Renewing the Cold War

Sweden is accusing Russia of violating their international waters with reports of multiple submarine sightings, and an intercepted transmission going to Kaliningrad, Russia which is the headquarters to Russia’s Baltic Sea fleet. If Swedish suspicions are confirmed, Russia has clearly violated Swedish sovereignty and this is a first since the end of the Cold War in the late 1980’s.  This is alarming to many nations in the Baltic and Nordic regions because they see it as a threat from Russia because of the regions deepening ties to NATO nations.

This naval incursion into Swedish waters is just another instance of Russia testing Sweden’s military readiness. On September 17th, 2014, two Russian attack jets enter Swedish airspace to test Sweden’s air force readiness, and to see how the Baltic nation would react to enemy fighter jets entering their airspace. The move by the Russian jets forced Swedish planes to be scramble to intercept the Russian jets, but arrived after the Russian jets turned back towards Russia. The overall impact of the violation, led to Sweden moving more fighter jets into the Baltic region as a deterrent to Russia in the future.

There a multiple questions to ask in regard to the increase in Russian activity in the region and Russia’s increased aggression over all. Is Russia just trying to reestablish itself as a leading world power? Are they just doing this because they are threatened by the number of nations joining NATO and the EU? Can the Security Dilemma explain what is occurring in the region?

Russia has come out and denied that a Russian submarine was located in the area or that there have been any accidents involving military vessels of any sort. The increased activity of Russia in the region could lead to a miscalculation of intent and possibly military mistakes in the future. It seems that the Russian bear has awoken and is content to assert they dominance in the region, and revert to Cold War tactics to do so.


2 thoughts on “Renewing the Cold War

  1. This is a pretty intense situation, perhaps Russia truly is trying to assert its dominance on the global platform once more. I wonder if a miscalculation will occur in the future and potential conflict breaks out between Sweden and Russia. If so, it could have catastrophic consequences.


  2. This is very interesting because of Sweden.
    Sweden is a neutral nation, and this country doesn’t belong with NATO.
    As a result, the dispute with Sweden is not good deal to Russia, and Russia should take care of this. However, Putin should have notice these conflict would happen before Russian military intervention to Ukraine. I really want to know what Putin is thinking.


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