Do you hear the people sing?

No matter how big or how much impressive the news was to the people, it will slowly fade away without clear ending if our supports and cares disappear. The Arab spring, which did not brought certain result to some nations and also being lasted right at this moment, the attention from the international society seems to be indifferent than before. When the conflict started in Tunisia, all the tension went to the Middle East and Africa as it spread to neighbor countries. All the world news and peoples interest headed to the Arab Spring. The conflict was remarkable and influential to the international society back at that moment. However the view from right now, who really talks about it for those countries future?

There is another protest going on for democracy in Hong Kong right now. Students who are in our age and even younger students are up against their rights to protest for their society. What we do is looking at the pictures through online or social network services and learning the new information that there is another conflict going on in different country that gained more attention broader than their nation. Again this has become noticeable issues over the world but certain actions from the international society are ambiguous. Michael from world street journal also directly mentioned that “the reaction of other countries to Hong Kong’s yearning for freedom has been disappointingly muted”. And now it does not even seems like the media is focusing on this protest either.

China is powerful country that sometimes other nations need to ingratiate for the economic support. Maybe that would be the reason why international society is keeping it quiet down. Gregory from says that unlike the Ukraine from Arab Spring, the Hong Kong protests will almost certainly fail and that is because “President Xi Jinping has made his hardliner credentials a hallmark of his young regime and he could never back down on an issue as important as the control of Hong Kong.” Most likely he will wait to see if the demonstrations peter out by themselves. As a view from the third positions, other nations would be calculating what would be better choice for them to react on this situation. Whho would want to offend the nation that brings so much benefit to their own, otherwise they might lose everything from the giver. No nations would prefer to be thorn out from China as it has the most economic power.

Even though we are living world apart from Hong Kong we do hear them fighiting for their future and rights. Is it positive that there are no options to solve this in international society? I do not simply think that the protest from Hong Kong is a failure but it is just the indifference that we do not care about and the inkling from international society for their better own. But I still hear the people singing.


8 thoughts on “Do you hear the people sing?

  1. It seems that nobody will directly confront China about this issue other than Hong Kong. It is a tricky issue, even with some funds from the U.S. helping protesters it may be to no avail. I wonder just how much longer and how much more the situation will escalate.


  2. I have been checking up on this recently- on a variety of social media and news sites. there are some really interesting and provoking images and stories coming out of Hong Kong with these protests. I am trying to find an article I read where tourists in Hong Kong are actually getting involved by helping protesters and filming the incidents. It may not be intervention from international actors, but it may be a step in the right direction.


  3. This post does a good job at outlining one of our most recent in class discussions: Economic Interdependence. Although we have mainly been discussing how economic interdependence effects states in the area of international conflict, this post brings a strong point in that economic interdependence can also be used for internal conflicts as well, and to quiet a response from the international community. It’d be interesting to analyze how much of a role it plays.


  4. This is a very interesting post and I agree that it hasn´t had as much response from the international community as it deserves. These people are fighting for their rights and even if the protest wont bring any major differences, as it looks like at the moment, it is not a failure. Their voices are being heard and it is bringing attention to their situation. I do however think that becuse of China´s economic power other states are hesitating to confront them, I look forward to see how the situation developes and for now I guess only time can tell.


  5. I don’t thing the protest is a failure because look at us now, the information and the message that each of the protestors are trying to get across is being displayed through the media along with this post. Sure, it’s not being displayed in what we would consider to be the most effective way that we could think of but the fact that it’s being discussed shows that the message that they are trying to convey has isn’t a complete failure. All it takes is one form of communication to get the ball rolling, which is what I think will happen especially since this deals with students trying to fight for their future and rights ; having their voices be heard.


    • I agree with you. The protest now in Hong Kong is not a failure for at least it succeeded in having people around the world pay attention to their singing through various form of media including this post. As we discussed in class, it is undeniable that economic interdependence has such strong power that it makes many states to be hesitant to take a strong stance against a country from which they get economic benefits. I’m afraid how long the world would tune in to this people singing in Hong Kong.


  6. I think that there are very little roles for the international society to play in the Hong Kong case. Similar situation happened in Taiwan during March, where Taiwanese citizens were protesting against the service trade agreement signed with China.
    There is always the prevailing non-interventionism when it comes to internal affairs. Hence, unless there is non-humanitarian treatment involved, news on Hong Kong’s strive for democracy will soon fade out and be forgotten.


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