Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the course blog for our Fall 2014 seminar on International Conflict & Security at UAlbany! Twice during the semester, seminar participants will use this class blog to write about a news story related to topics we discuss in this class. Your blog post should:

  • connect to topics on conflict & security that we’ve discussed in our seminar meetings
  • be at least two paragraphs long,
  • link to at least three news stories or other blog posts,
  • explain why your readers within and outside the class should find the story consequential,
  • and point out how it relates to material we discuss in class.

The news item must come from the Economist or any other respectable news source linked on my course website. The blogs I’ve listed on that site are a good place to start looking for blog-worthy materials. You should link to other blogs, articles, and news sources extensively to make the most of your blog post.

When writing your blogpost, please insert links using the “Link” tool, and use block quotes to quote longer passages. And, don’t forget to use a meaningful, but short title to draw attention to your post! I look forward to reading your contributions. More detailed instructions on how to post can be found on wordpress.com.


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