Before you start: two example posts

Below is a link to an example blog post that shows you what a good blog post in a course blog looks like. The post is from a participant in a seminar on International Political Economy that I taught previously. 

The first post, Remittances–the ‘New Foreign Aid?’, brings up a topic that was briefly touched on in class discussion and provides useful background information and some food for thought. It also ends in a specific question, prompting some discussion in the comments.

The second post, Debating Measurement, relates to a core aspect of the seminar topic (in that case, measuring economic growth), and nicely summarizes some trends that were newsworthy at the time of the post.

Note how each of the posts

  • clearly links to topics and debates from the seminar, 
  • integrates (rather than just mentions) news articles and research reports, and
  • prompts follow-up discussions by ending in a question or highlighting debate-worthy aspects of the post’s topic.

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